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WebAdvantage Option Download

Thank you for your interest in the WebAdvantage Option. Below is the link to the evaluation of the product.

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WebAdvantage Suite Option
This option enables features such as Remote Web Printing, Release Station, Adding Credits and PayPal/Credit Card authentication via the web. 

Note: This option can not be used standalone, without an accompanied Print Manager Plus Workgroup, Single Server, or Enterprise Edition installed already.

Evaluation Notes: This Option is turned on by using the license key in the Quickstart Guide provided in this download. The license key must replace the key in the existing Print Manager Plus evaluation you are currently running. Once this is done it will turn on the WebAdvantage features. WebAdvantage must be downloaded and installed separately of Print Manager Plus.
Installs on:
Windows 2003/2008 Server or Vista/7 Workstation, 32 & 64 bit versions.
File Size:  77 MB
Term: 30 Days, Fully Functional.
Download Includes: Full Product, Documentation.
Language: English
>>> Click Here to Download

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